At RSVP Publishing Co, we’re strong advocates of corporate responsibility and place-based giving. We currently support and assist a small number of organisations that make a positive difference to the quality of people’s lives and their environment.

Greenpeace New Zealand

As supporters of Greenpeace since the early 1980's, we're proud to back an organisation that's been so influential in defending our oceans against unsustainable fishing practices. They’ve also been at the vanguard against climate change, nuclear disarmament, genetic engineering and GMO’s, global deforestation and loads of other important stuff!


Waiheke Adult Learning

In keeping with our place-based giving ethos, we support Waiheke Adult Learning. They offer a range of courses and workshops to give Waiheke Island residents the chance to develop their knowledge and skills, meet new people and enjoy learning for life. Their free courses, workshops and one-on-one support are designed to help people reach their literacy goals and improve their confidence and communication skills.

Forest & Bird

RSVP Publishing is proud to support such an important grass-roots organisation as Forest & Bird. They’re tireless advocates for our natural environment, ensuring it's preserved for future generations to discover and enjoy. They're doing great work in so many parks and reserves around New Zealand, protecting our native plants, animals and wild places, on land and in our oceans.

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Given our love of turtles and terrapins, it’s no surprise we want to support the protection of The Great Barrier Reef, which is home to the beautiful Green Turtle. The Great Barrier Reef and its entire ecosystem is under threat from a huge new coal port that’s been approved by the Australian Government, which will mean increased shipping and risk of oil spillage and collision with sea creatures. Help us urgently fight the coal industry and protect this amazing natural habitat by becoming a donor yourself!

RNZ Foundation for the Blind

We've financially supported the Royal Foundation for the Blind for many years, as we can appreciate that not everyone can just go to a bookshop and read a printed book. We’re keen to see as many books as possible converted to audio file, so that books can reach as wide an audience as possible, for everyone's learning and enjoyment.