Abigail Knightly

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Abigail’s world is full of colour and possibility – each day she explores new characters through creative outfits designed in her treehouse. But will Sally Pepper next door manage to convince Abigail that being a ‘grown-up’ is better?

Find out in this delightful rhyming story by New Zealand author Latesha Randall and illustrator Esther Tattersall that has charmed children and adults alike.


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Author Bio

About the Author

LateshaLatesha Randall (Tesh) and her fiancé Seb live in the sunny-seaside-surf town of Raglan, on the west coast of New Zealand.

She has loved writing since she was old enough to realise that letters strung together could make words, and self-published her first children’s story, ‘Button Thief’, at 19. Tesh enjoys sniffing out good stories as a freelancer for a number of magazines, and is also known around town as ‘Mrs Coconut’ – spending most of her days making Raglan Coconut Yoghurt with Mr Coconut to supply stores across the country.

Like Abigail, Tesh has an extensive collection of hats and brightly coloured clothes … she hopes that this story inspires children (and adults!) to be playful and express themselves without any fear of judgment.

Contact Tesh: teshwrites@gmail.comgoodagency.co.nzraglancoconutyoghurt.co.nz

About the Illustrator

EstherEsther Tattersall (nee Griffiths), her husband Daniel and their three young children live in the friendly city of Whangarei in Northland, New Zealand. Her kids are in the throes of a dress-up craze, which means she’s constantly picking up pieces of discarded costume or reminding Batman to take off his shoes when he comes inside. Esther can often be found joining in with their adventures – making Viking shields, sewing super-hero capes or vacuuming in a tutu and hard-hat.

This is the second children’s book that Esther has illustrated for Latesha.

Contact Esther: fin.esse@xtra.co.nz

Editorial Reviews

Beauty and wonder win the day in this delightful story about the importance of being true to yourself. Dress-up divas everywhere (and their mums) will love it.

— Sarah Johnson, Children’s Author

The illustrations are just superb, and the gorgeous Abigail romps through each page… Abigail will be another favourite on the playroom bookshelves at Nannies house!

— Robbyn Storey, Grandmother

She’s very funny.

— Simeon, 4 years old

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