RSVP Publishing Co began over twenty five years ago when founder Stephen Picard wrote and published the novel Hymn to the Moon in 1990. Since then, RSVP Publishing has grown to become a specialist independent publisher of eclectic books ranging from the metaphysical to thought-provoking children’s stories and books that we hope will enlighten, challenge and inspire our readers.

In 2009, Stephen was joined at RSVP Publishing by Chris Palmer, who shares Stephen’s passion for good books, coupled with an interest in growing and adapting the company as it transitions into the digital age. Stephen retired in 2015, leaving Chris to continue carrying the torch, but Stephen still assists us with editing and great publishing advice, so that we and our authors can still benefit from his many years of publishing experience.

RSVP Publishing supports the works of NZ writers, and we only use NZ printers and paper suppliers for the books we produce. Our motto is “a book has to be pretty good to warrant cutting trees down for” !

We also supply bookshops, libraries and other resellers via a secure area of this website designated for trade customers to browse and order from our catalogue.

If you’re looking for a publisher, we are always interested to look at manuscripts on a no-obligation basis. Please send us your synopsis and the first three chapters of your work, and we’ll assess and consider your work.

Our mission is for RSVP Publishing to be one of NZ’s best independent publishers, supporting both local writers and booksellers, and to bring to the market a broad range of interesting reading material that might otherwise go unpublished.

Finally, as our logo suggests, we’re into turtles (tonu in Maori). The turtle symbolises many great qualities such as fertility, wisdom and for being long-lived (both individually and as a species !). They also live happily on land or in water (very adaptable !), and as the old story goes – they may be slow, but often “sure and steady” wins the race !

Happy reading !

Chris Palmer